Dialogue for Non Formal Education

Dialogue for Non Formal Education

About Project

General Purpose

The EU and civil society organizations in Turkey (NGOs) through bilateral exchanges and cooperation between to contribute to the recognition and development of non-formal education in Turkey.

Special Goals

  1. The establishment of a participatory civil society dialogue, the creation of an appropriate basis for the recognition of non-formal education Educators in Turkey.
  2. The Republic of Turkey officially added to the list of known modules of the Ministry of Education, non-formal education programs, developing training modules on universal values ​​and social skills.
  3. Develop the capacity of NGOs working at the local level to design and deliver non-formal learning for trainings with target audiences and improve the quality of training.
  4. In the context of formal education, affecting Turkey and the general public about the importance and benefits of Turkey’s membership in the EU.

Main Activities

Research: A research will be conducted on existing good practices and ongoing processes for the recognition and development of non-formal education in Europe.

Dialogue: Conference call in various regions of Turkey to establish a dialogue in the field of non-formal education, focus group meetings will be held. Study visits to EU countries will be organized to ensure that knowledge, experience and good practices can be observed on site.

Development: Training modules on Universal Values ​​and social skills will be developed on the basis of Experiential Learning Methodologies.

Capacity Building: Local CSOs and trainers will receive training in both the experiential learning methodology and the non-formal education modules developed, thereby improving their capacity to become accredited non-formal education providers in their regions.

Dissemination: Turkey’s promotional video on the benefits of EU membership will be produced in the context of formal education. There will also be a final conference to share the results of the project.


Project Name : Dialogue for Non-Formal Education

Time: 15 Months

Applicant: DeM Experiential Training Center

Program : The EU-Turkey Civil Society Dialogue Support Program (CSD-V)

Project Partners:
  • MESVAK Müteşebbis Gelişim Vakfı
  • AEYC Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres (Estonia)
  • ERGON Training NGO (Greece)

Project Affiliates:

  • Ministry of Education
  • General Directorate of Lifelong Learning
  • Estonia Ministry of Education
  • Abdullah Gül University

Project Duration: April 2019 – June 2020

News & Activities

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Intimate Visit to Estonia

Estonian Study Visit of our Dialogue for Non-Formal Education project was held on 15-19 September 2019. The study visit attracted great attention with its rich 

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Our “Dialogue for Non-Formal Education” project within the scope of the Civil Society Dialogue V Program continues at full speed! On July 24th, the project 

Impressive Launching Meeting!

“Dialogue For Non-Formal Education” project, which is supported by Civil Society Dialogue Program (CSD-V) between the EU and Turkey, Launch Meeting was held in Ankara. 

Magnificent Kick-off Meeting of “Dialogue for Non-Formal Education” Project

We held the kick-off meeting of our project “Dialogue for Non-Formal Education”, which was accepted within the scope of the program -Civil Society Dialogue V-, 

Launching Meeting

Fact-Finding Conference

STEP Meeting

Study Visit in Greece

STEP Meeting 2