As part of the Civil Society Dialogue Program, our Dialogue for Non-Formal Education project, which we are conducting as an Experiential Training Center, continues with a Study Visit to Greece.

Our visit to Athens to review good practices in the field of non-formal education and youth work took place on 29-30 and 31 October 2019.

In the planning of our study visit October 29;

  •  Visit to the National Agency
  •  Visit to the IS Connect Your City IAS youth center of IASIS NGO,
  •  T.C. Attendance to the October 29 Republic Reception organized by the Embassy of Athens

took place.

In the planning of our study visit 30 October & 31 October;

  • “Challenges of Non-Formal Education Today & Inter-Sectors Cooperation” Panel
  •  Visit of IASIS non-governmental organization
  •  Presentations of youth works in Greece

took place.


Our wonderful team which made the visit:

  • DeM
  • Mesvak Entrepreneur Development Foundation
  • Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Lifelong Learning
  •  Abdullah Gül University
  • İzmir Demokrasi University
  • Tohum Autism Foundation
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