Experiential Learning Congress

Experiential Learning Congress 2020

The congress, where important developments and good practices in the field of experiential learning will be shared, will be held on 23-24 October 2020 in Istanbul.

The congress, where the founders of Experiential Learning Theory David Kolb and Alice Kolb are Honorary Presidents, will bring together many academics and educators working in the field of experiential learning.

The congress, which will include panels, simultaneous workshops and surprise guests, will take two days.


Experiential Learning Summit 2017

Experiential Learning Summit held in Istanbul on February 11, 2017 brought together academia, public and civil society. A Training Book containing all the methods produced and followed during the project was shared with formal education and non-formal education representatives at the summit.

In addition to sharing the results of the project, the full-time summit included panels with important speakers and applied workshops where learning games were shared.

David KOLB, the founder of the experiential learning theory, connected to the summit by teleconference, shared his latest work in the field of experiential learning with the summit participants.

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