“Dialogue For Non-Formal Education” project, which is supported by Civil Society Dialogue Program (CSD-V) between the EU and Turkey, Launch Meeting was held in Ankara.

Many participants honored us with their valuable support during the Launch Meeting, which also included the Ministry of National Education.

Toper AKBABA, Board Member of the Board of Education and Training of the Ministry of National Education, adviser to the Minister and also the President of EYUDER Education Managers and Experts Association, Mr. Adam ÇİLEK, Mr. Mehmet Caner DEMİR from the Delegation of the European Union and Mr. Kemal ALBAYRAK, 21st Term Kırıkkale Member of Parliament, shared their thoughts and wishes for success.

During the meeting, which is included 25th Term Muğla Deputy Ali BOĞA and close to 60 NGOs and university representatives, the activities of the project was explained to the participants.

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