Dialogue in the Dark!

What is Dialogue in the Dark?

“Dialogue in the Dark Experiential Exhibition” meets its visitors to an Istanbul that they have never seen. The exhibition provides the visitors walk in a park or cross the street, but in the comletely dark.

The aim of the exhibition is to awaken all the senses except the sense of sight and make an awareness to visiually impaired people. The visiually impaired guides help you to see in a new and different way by touching, smelling and hearing. This feeling takes you to an unforgettable journey. Dialogue in the Dark reached over 8 million people from 135 cities in the world. The exhibition opened its doors in Istanbul on December 2013 by Istanbul Social Enterprise. The exhibition, hosted by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, keeps receiving the visitors in Turkcell Dialogue Museum.

DeM Marmara Social Responsibilty Projects Committee attended “the Dialogue in the Dark” with “You experience first!” motto.

At the end of the event, the youth team said that everyone should have this experience and that the event was very impressive for them.

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