Çorbada Tuzun Olsun! (contribute a small share)

What is Çorbada Tuzun Olsun ?


Çorbada Tuzun Olsun is a volunteer community. This volunteer community gathered many different personality under a single aim. Distributing soup to the homeless people, respecting them and giving a friendly hand…

Every day this team cooks soup in its association where is Beyoğlu and treats soup to the homeless people with its volunteers in the evenings.

Since 30 September 2014 every day 4000 people distributes soup continuously.

For The Social Media of The Association ‘Çorbada Tuzun Olsun’ :


The volunteers of DeM took place in the activity of the association  with the invitation and offer of our volunteer who is both in The Association Çorbada Tuzun Olsun and DeM Youth.

Our volunteers who experienced many emotions remarked that this activity can be the first step of an utopic world which anyone doesn’t ignore.

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