Again a Training Course in Croatia with DeM Youth

After the Croatian Project between 12-18 October 2017 4 volunteers from DeM Youth, joined another project in Croatia named ‘Creativity for Youth Work and Inclusion with Inspiration
Resources Inspiring Youth Innovation’ in 21-29 November 2017.

10 country which are Italy, Belgium, Macedonia, Colombia, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Romania and Turkey and 36 people from these countries joined the ‘training course’ in Selce, Croatia. On the first two days participants informed about Erasmus+, training courses, project cycles and the way that how the project will be done.

On the following days state funds, principles of funds, social media effects on finding funds and stages of writing the projects that can help to find fund narrated to the participants via activities and workshops.

To turn these activities and information to learning simulations and reflection sessions happened.

DeM Youth fully attended these activities and had lots of new information.

In their spare time our volunteers had chance to visit the cities like Zagreb, Rijeka in Croatia. They told that every time was priceless, in every step they experienced beautiful historical places and new stories.

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