YANYANA Meeting Workshop

We Were in YANYANA Meeting Workshop

Rumvader’s new European Union project for the university students in the foot of the activities, * Not a presentation, its Acquaintance * We have realized together. We developed the workshop module as DeM. Moda Greek Cultural Association hosted workshop. DeM Medipol and DeM Marmara students and young people from the minority community came together. After the acquaintance and integration activities, rights-based positive awareness sessions were started

Then participants from the minority communities answered questions from their peers in roundtables. On the Syriac table, while religious-themed chats gained weight, there were young people at the Jewish table who said that they had met a Jew for the first time. Many different topics such as language, food, hate speech, mixed marriages, events in the military, population mobility were on the table.

DeM Youth has set up a working group to organize new awareness workshops with the On-Line project team. Ideas were developed for the preparation of mini videos on social media. Culture evenings will be organized in the coming days. Participants also expressed the happiness of winning new friends in the workshop day which ended with family photo

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