DeM Had First Meeting with the new Board of Directors

DeM Experiential Training Centre’s 2017-2019 new Board of Directors had its first meeting.


Youth Actions and Training&Research departments will be represented by 1 person:

Mustafa ERDOĞAN- Chairman of the Executive Board
Projects and International Relations
Zeynep ÖZTÜRK-
Administrative and Financial Affairs
Duran GÖÇER-
Youth Action


With the participation of association’s general coordinator Seda ÖZTÜRK, in the Executive Board’s
meeting the decision was to plan new strategies especially in Youth Actions and Trainin&Research. In
the scope of this decision in particular of Youth Actions,the importance of peer education and
developing new methods in youth trainings at DeM Marmara and DeM Medipol Student Clubs were
underlined. Also, it was emphasized that the trainer and teachers in DeM Trainer Pool should enter
into new methodological studies for the development of experiential training.

Congratulations to the new executive board that will lead the association to 2019 that will be the 10 th
anniversary of DeM.

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