Festival In The Hospital!

In partnership with DeM Medipol and DeM Marmara, DeM Youth is again here with a social responsibility project that will be etched on memories.

DeM Youth met with the little ones who have cancer in Istanbul Medipol University between 19th and 21st December 2017.

In their struggle that they call ‘the war to destroy the feeling of loneliness’ our volunteers organized a morale festival for the little ones who have to live without getting out of the hospital.

Our youngs who made the little ones forget the hard days they had to some extent did painting activities, game workshops and many activities with them as their imaginary heroes.

The volunteers who helped the children overcome the fear of hospital created a big sharing area for both them and the children to whose lives they got the opportunity to touch.

We wholeheartedly thank to our youngs who enabled sadness to turn into laughter at the end of the two days activity and banded together during the whole activity.

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