SAT | Drama in Science Classes

SAT | Drama in Science Classes

About Project

“The At Science At Theater”project promotes instructional methods for the transmission of science subjects envisaged in the compulsory education curriculum through drama techniques. This method was developed by the physics department of the University of Rome fizik Tor Vergata”and the cultural association GIL Globetto ve and is the result of the production, organization and publication of the “Science Performances” experience for more than a decade of secondary school students. In SAT project scope, this method will be transferred to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Latvia and the Netherlands.

Main Features and Results of SAT Method

  • Combining the fun and technical elements of drama with an experiential, interactive and cooperative approach
  • Education of rational thinking and logical reasoning orientation
  • Encourage the student’s creative attitudes and train them in teamwork
  • To add value to the teaching of scientific subjects
  • To improve students’ learning outcomes related to science subjects
  • Train a new profile: “science teacher-animator”

Main Objectives

  • To update the competences of teachers of secondary scientific courses (chemistry and physics) by transferring the theoretical and practical principles of the SAT method.
  • To increase the willingness of all students in general and especially those at risk to learn and work on scientific subjects (such as leaving / failing school).
  • Publishing essays and experiences that are innovative and instructive, encouraging the design of tools and methods.
  • To promote the acquisition of EU measurements and criteria related to raising the registration rates of scientific studies at tertiary level
  • Support networking between schools and universities in the same country.

Main Activities and Outputs

  • About training methods and applications supported by. Project, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Greece and scientific research on teacher courses in Turkey.
  • Production of instructional modules on the curriculum of chemistry and physics courses in Italy and Latvia.
  • Training exercises on the SAT model for secondary school teachers and trainers in Italy and Latvia.
  • SAT model studies for secondary school students in Italy and Latvia. Publication of a program / visual guide on selected scientific subjects (chemistry, physics) in Italy and Latvia.
  • State-Science competition performances based on programs prepared by students in Italy and Latvia.
  • English and Italian edition of the SAT guide.



Istituto Comprensivo “Ennio Quirino Visconti”

DeM- Experiential Learning Center

Dipartimento di Fisica – Università degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata

Cofora International Projects BV

Valsts izglītības satura centrs  (VISC)

Institute for education & vocational guidance – IEKEP

Societa’ cooperativa MOISELLE LE BLANC a r.l.

The Role of DeM

Project Partner


AB Leonardo Da Vinci Program


2013 – 2015


The book provides a detailed methodology on how to use the theater when teaching science lessons.