Yanyana Meeting Workshop – İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi


RUMVADER - Association for the Support of Greek Community Foundations
Minority Rights
Right-Based Civil Society
Intercultural Learning
24 February 2018
25 Participants

Rumvader’s European Union projects’ activities for university students, the second workshop of “Not Introducing but Meeting” was held in Istanbul Bilgi University.

The evaluation results of the young people who attended the workshop on February 24 at Bilgi University Santral Istanbul campus are as follows:

– Awareness, respect, tolerance
– I’ve improved a more positive approach about awareness about minorities, a desire to share our awareness and resistance to discrimination.
– My interest in minority rights has been strengthened. I got more information. I felt myself part of a beautiful whole.
– This training allowed me to increase my awareness, meet new cultures and learn things that I didn’t know.
– Experiential teaching is a striking method that we put forward silent but direct responses. It was very important for me to realize this experience.
– Meeting with someone directly from the minorities and listening to what was going on around them made me feel closer. The methods that used were very successful and explanatory.
– I can say with a clear conscience that I left the event as having more information about the non-Muslim minorities in Turkey.
– I’ve learned more about minorities, this training taught me things that I didn’t know about. The method that used was quite different from ordinary seminars or presentations, so it was more fun.
– It did not add an extra responsibility for me, but with more tangible information when I say something opposite, I think I can refute their arguments.
– The method of experiential training was much more permanent and impressive. We tried to produce useful ideas by participating in the question-answer form. Open library event was also very nice
– Awareness, hope, faith…
– The first game phases used in education are really nice in terms of fusion, because I think that people’s common language makes communication more indiscriminately effective in using the body language. I found it particularly impressive in terms of creating equality created by King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table.
– Friendship, peace, good time.

  • Minority Rights
  • Right-Based Civil Society
  • Intercultural Learning
  • Cooperation in Youth Works