ISTKA – 3X3 Basketball Project

ISTKA - 3X3 Basketball Project

About Project

General Purpose of the Project

The aim is to ensure that young people with social constraints develop their physical and mental health through sports, to reveal their potential and to avoid crime and harmful habits, in particular by encouraging young people at risk to engage in sports activities.

Specific Objectives of the Project

To increase the social cohesion and social belonging of young people between the ages of 13-18 in 4 districts of Istanbul with high risk such as crime, dropout, substance addiction, To strengthen their social interaction with other children / young people of their own age, to ensure that young people who are at risk due to their socio-economic conditions, familial situation or adolescence are playing basketball, licensed players and competing in official tournaments and holding on to life more tightly; to strengthen their social interaction with other children / youth of their own age, to reduce their social exclusion by sharing goals, hopes and joint efforts in teamwork; In this way, they are progressing towards becoming young people who stand on their own feet, are confident, can look more hopeful for the future, and can take a step forward as positive examples for their families and close environment; and thus to become beneficial individuals for themselves, their families, their environment and our country.

Project Participants

Istanbul has a relatively higher socio-economic disadvantage, living conditions are more difficult, social opportunities are less, young people experience social exclusion more because of their ethnicity or other situations, substance abuse, early school leaving and crime rates are higher. It is approximately 2304 girls and boys between the ages of 13-18 in the risk group living in Gaziosmanpaşa, Kucukçekmece, Bahçelievler and Sarıyer districts.



  • Turkish Basketball Development Foundation
  • Turkey Basketball Federation
  • T. R. Bahçelievler Governorship
  • T.R. Gaziosmanpaşa Governorship
  • T.R. Sarıyer Governorship
  • T.R. Kucukcekmece Governorship

The Role of DeM

Project Cooperation


Istanbul Development Agency (ISTKA) / Financial Support Program for Children and Young People


2014 – 2015


The project, which is used as a tool for integration, has reached over two thousand young. All process and results are compiled in this book.