Experiential Learning For Education Through Sports

Experiential Learning For Education Through Sports

About Project

General Purpose

The Project aims to contribute for the enhancement of education in and through sports based on experiential learning methodology with special focus on skills development.

Special Goals

  1. To improve experiential learning based educational capacities of sport and youth organizations & their staff that are using sport as a tool.
  2. To develop experiential learning based tools and methods for sport activities in order to increase the educational potential of sport activities.

Main Activities

  • Transnaitonal meetings [TM]
  • Local meetings [LM]


Project Name : Experiential Learning for Education Through Sports


Support for Small Collaborative Partnerships in the field of Sport

Applicant: DeM Experiential Training Center

Project Duration: 11 Months (01/01/2020 – 31/12/2020)


  • Champions Factory Sports Club – Bulgaria
  • ODTIZ Institute for Education and Inclusion – Slovenia
  • CEFE Macedonia – North Macedonia
  • TED Sports Club – Turkey

Project Activities