Training Cooperation


We build competency-based training programs; We set learning objectives that aim not only to transfer knowledge, but also to develop skills and attitudes. our education; learner-centered, interactive learning, where participants learn with fun and become aware of their skills and attitudes by pushing their limits.

In the trainings that we follow an experiential learning based method; we create dialogue rather than monologue, interact rather than one-way transfer, and create an enriched learning environment that encompasses different learning styles rather than following a general and uniform methodology.

What can we do with our collaboration?

  1. With ice breaker games and warm-up exercises, we increase group dynamics and motivation and prepare participants for the learning process.
  2. We apply learning games and simulations on the subject of education.
  3. Individuals test their limits, skills and behavior habits in the simulations and experience a realistic experience.
  4. The simulation in the Debrief session is analyzed together. We introduce leading theoretical frameworks and models on the subject.
  5. Participants are brainstorming what needs to be done to improve the subject.
  6. Brainstorm outputs are transformed into learning plans. At the same time, these outputs are shared with the relevant department of the institution.