Workshops with 250 Young People in Kyrgyzstan

We completed our Bridge Synergy Project Closing and Visibility activities within the scope of our “Bridge Between Europe and Asia called Synergy Capacity Building in the field of Youth” project. The activity was held from 14 to 19 June in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Throughout the activity, our participants had the opportunity to examine 4 different examples of entrepreneurship:

1st Entrepreneur: The founder of the environmentally friendly hotel Bridge, where he installed a solar panel on the roof, enabled disabled people to participate in life. -Visit-

2nd Entrepreneur: Developed a site that facilitates access of young people to internships. -Visit-

3rd Entrepreneur: Established a non-governmental organization that motivates young people for social enterprise. The organization, which is in contact with municipalities and schools, is active in Central Asia. -Visit-

4th Entrepreneur: She founded an organization company for the wedding organization in Kyrgyzstan which is in great need. -Visit-

In addition to entrepreneurship visits, our participants organized a camp with local people and carried out 6 different activities with 250 young people in the camp.

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