Erasmus+ Sport – Lend Colour to Tribun

Erasmus+ Sport - Lend Colour to Tribun

About Project

General Purpose of the Project

This project, which aims to reduce the violence in basketball courts by increasing the empathy, understanding and tolerance among the different fan groups of different teams, aims to meet the fans at a higher value.

Specific Objectives of the Project

To involve the tribune leaders in the development phase of the project.

Improve dialogue between the fans.

Increasing the number of women in the stands.

To bring together different colors under the umbrella of basketball by forming ’Common Tribunes’.

Building constructive dialogues between stakeholders.

Target Group

Basketball fans in Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain and Turkey

Expected Results of the Project

The project is expected to be implemented in a wider area of ​​Europe, where violence is common, especially in basketball and sports, and among the supporters’ communities with hatred. In this way, to prevent violent fans, to create a more tolerant, healthy communication channel between teams and fans and to ensure that basketball spectators see basketball as a means of entertainment. Developed with the sensitivity of TBF in this context, the project aims to help reduce the increasing tendency towards violence in basketball and sports in the countries where it is needed and to raise awareness of the fans.

Final Beneficiaries of the Project

National Basketball Federations

National Leagues Basketball

Clubs Relevant Stakeholders



Turkey Basketball Federation

Spain Basketball Federation

Bulgaria Basketball Federation

Lithuania Basketball Federation

Croatia Basketball Federation

Role of DeM

Project Cooperation


AB Erasmus+ Sport


2015 – 2017


The result book of the project, which creates a methodology of disseminating supporters, the main actors of the problem, in preventing fan violence.