Erasmus + KA2 Referee Training Project

Erasmus + KA2 Referee Training Project

About Project

The goal of the project

To establish a training and evaluation system for basketball referee trainers and to ensure standardization in referee training.

Target Audiences and Stakeholders

Basketball Referees

Basketball Referee Trainers

Germany, France, Italy, Turkey

Basketball Federation

Expected Results of the Project

Situation analysis of the current referee training system in the partner countries

Determination of competence of referee trainers

Creation of training module for referee trainers

Project Beneficiaries

National Federations

National Leagues

Basketball Clubs

Common Stakeholders



Turkey Basketball Federation German Basketball Federation French Basketball Federation Italian Basketball Federation

Role of DeM 

Project Cooperation


AB Erasmus+ KA2 Vocational Training


2015 – 2017


In the project where the professional competence standard for Basketball Referee Trainers was established, the referee training system was revised with an interactive methodology based on experiential learning.